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Message from the Club President - Igor Georgievski

As returning President I was determined to not just come back and do more of the same, I am here to serve Altona Magic and to make things better.

As such I have set the following objectives for the club over the next 5 years:

  • To grow the number of teams across mini roo and community by 100%
  • We will look to grow female participation across both playing and governance roles
  • We will set aspirations for our senior team including growing home grown players across 2023-25
  • Look to implement new governance and operations support including growing our volunteer footprint
  • We will work with all levels of government to enhance the facilities at Paisley Park

My overall vision for the club is that by 2025 Altona Magic “will deliver outstanding community services, that brings together our diverse and ever growing community in an environment that is safe and inclusive enabling all to enjoy the outstanding recreational facilities available, whilst proudly watching Altona Magic being the #1 Victorian NPL team”

2021 Executive Board

Igor Georgievski

Nick Taseski

Tony Stojanovski

Bill Stoimenovski

John Tosevski

Adam Longshaw

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