As the 2017 season is fast approaching, we need to ensure all players are registered on the ‘My Football Club’ website correctly, as well as being approved by the our club. Failing to do so will result in you or your child not being permitted to participate once the season has started. Once approved by the club, the coaches will get the all clear on all registered players in their teams.

Below is a short and basic guide to how you can register yourself or your child. Please select the correct package for your child. Continue to ‘Manual payment at club’ and this is where the club will process if you have paid, then approve the registration. This process should not take longer than 5 minutes, providing you have internet and email access.

Please click the link:

There are two key components to the Registration process:

1. Create an FFA Account & obtain your unique FFA ID Number.
• This step only needs to be performed by players that have never played before & don’t have an FFA ID number.
• If you have forgotten your FFA ID number you can search for it on the My Football Club Website.

The link below provides a short instructional video on how to create your FFA Account:
How to obtain an FFA Number

2. Complete the Player Registration process.
• Both new & returning players must complete this step before they can play for Altona Magic.

Registering at Altona Magic Soccer Club