Welcome to the Altona Magic NPL Juniors.

NPL Juniors from ages 12-18 (boys)
Must trail and be selected for the 2018 season

Under 12
Under 13
Under 14
Under 15
Under 16
Under 18
Under 20
Dear player/parent,
Thank you for your recent registration to trial at AMSC for the 2018 NPL season.

Please see attached trial dates and times.

– Ensure you have accurately read the correct time and date for your trial. AMSC follow a strict age policy, therefore you can only trial in your age group in accordance to your year of birth. (E.g. Born in 2004 – Trial for Under 14’s). If you have previously registered for an age group above your age, we will modify that on the day of the first trial. Only under special circumstances may a player trial above an age group*

– Upon completion of your trials, only successful candidates will be notified. The latest confirmation will be Monday 6th November. This will be done by email, and by website – listing of successful number allocations.

A ‘letter of offer’ will be emailed to you, where a response will be required by 7 days.

– Further information will be emailed soon.


All players must be at Paisley Park Soccer Complex at least 20 minutes before the starting time to allow for Registration, Number Allocation and leeway of time.
Training gear required.
Drink bottle.
We wish all players the very best of luck!

AMSC Committee.