NPL Trial Information

Dear trialists and families,

We thank you for registering your interest to take part of our trials process for the 2020 JBNPL season.

The Trial Process

Players will have the opportunity to trial in their preferred age group, providing that they do not exceed that age in 2020. Coaching staff will assess each player, and may recommend a player move back to their correct age group if they see fit (e.g. 15 years old on trial for U18).

The trial process will include two phases. Phase 1 will be the first week of trials (session one and two), and Phase 2 being the second week (session three and four).

In some circumstances there may an extra session arranged to finalise 2020 squads – this will be communicated during the trials process.

After Phase 1, all players will receive communication from AMSC whether they are SUCCESSFUL or NOT SUCCESSFUL to continue in Phase 2 (second week).

Players that receive a SUCCESSFUL email, will return for the second week of trials, and players that are NOT SUCCESSFUL, AMSC wish them the very best of luck in trial processes at other clubs and for the 2020 season, and once again thank them for trailing with us and considering AMSC as a club of choice.

The same process will follow Phase 2 when AMSC confirm squads (emails will be sent to successful and not successful trialists). AMSC will send out offer letters which would need email confirmation as stated on the letter, followed by payment within the stated time frame.

Once you have completed payment, then you will be regarded as a squad member of AMSC for the 2020 JBNPL season, and more information will follow. It is each trialist/family’s responsibility to check email correspondence.

For a smooth trail experience, please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the start time of the trail time, prepared with the following;

  • Arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior the start time
  • Register at the Registration desk – confirm your details.
  • Football boots
  • Top, shorts, socks
  • Shin pads
  • Water bottle

Once again, thank you for choosing AMSC as your club of choice, and we look forward to seeing you all during our first week of trails.


AMSC Committee