All teams at the club MUST have team app installed on their phone as of March 2017.

To have the latest information that relates to your team or the club, you must have downloaded team app to your smart phone. The app itself is free, there are no costs associated.

Download ‘Team App’ Here

If you are able to download this as a player, please do so, however if you are a parent, you must also download this app to find out the latest with your child’s team (training time, cancellation, weekend game information and more). It is vital we use this app as it is the best way information can circulate to club players, parents and members.

There are no excuses for somebody not to have this app, as it is almost 100% that we have all downloaded one before and subscribed to something. This is all about making information more accessible to you the player, the parent or the coach/team manager. This is being implemented for your sake, it has been used for the past month now and is really successful. If you are unable to complete this, ask a friend or family member to set it up for you.

Select your ‘Access Groups’ according to your team, or the team your child plays in. You may select more teams if you have more children in different teams, as well as if you have an interest in another team, i.e. Senior Men’s or Women’s teams.

AMSC Committee.